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Independent Studies

For Recertification and Salary Advancement

3 and 4 Semester Graduate-Level
Professional Development Credits
Bachelor's degree required

3 & 4 Semester Graduate-Level Professional Development Credits - a Bachelor's degree is required to take these courses.

Total cost for independent studies: $510.00 3 credit and $670 4 credit, paid to Diane Morrison Consulting includes Graduate Credit tuition and materials fee.

All fees subject to change according to increased expenses or college tuition.

Maximum time to complete: 2.5 months.
Minimum time to complete: 3 weeks


Start Anytime!

Work at your own pace in a convenient place.

• Improve your teaching skills and earn graduate credit to increase your earning potential. Earn credit for projects that you are already doing in your classroom.

• Integrate your yearly growth plan into your course.

• Relax and enjoy the freedom of designing your course!



1. To register go to our secure registration page or call Diane at .
Note: If you're have trouble accessing this registration page from your school computer? Try your cell phone or your home computer. (Some schools block certain pages from their computers)

2. After you register, YOU MUST download the 3 Credit Registration form here, download the 4 Credit Registration form here. Use your legal name on the form. Check the course(s) that you are taking. Fill out and sign please be sure that the email address and phone number are legible.
Fax the form (no camera images please) to Diane Morrison Consulting
at 303-621-2062 or mail to Diane Morrison Consulting at 540 S. Williams St Denver, CO 80209.

3. Once Diane receives your payment and signed and completed registration form, you will receive your course(s) with detailed directions for completion. Please keep a back up copy of your course(s). PDF files will be emailed to you within 5 buisness days. Subject line: Independent study PDFs from Diane Morrison Consulting. Check your email account (and spam/junk).

4. Complete the course and send it back to the Professor via email or hard copy.

Evaluation form for downloading

5. Official and Unofficial Transcripts

Choose from many unique and interesting courses
listed below!

9 Ways To Communicate

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Diane Morrison
The focus of this course is on helping people handle conflict, solve problems, and improve relationships. Each personality type has a different value system as well as a different style of communicating. We will look at those differences and use appropriate coaching techniques to establish trust and rapport with each personality type by using the Enneagram Personality system.

Health Tips For Teachers

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Diane Morrison
Effective education requires teachers who are active and engaged. The health and vitality of teachers can make all the difference in the classroom. So how do we create vigorous Instructors? Recent research directs us to the foundational principles of health, physical activity, and diet. These studies reveal how food decreases or increases performance. Strategies that fuel physical and mental energy will be presented as well as techniques for applying these strategies in the classroom.

Play To Your Strengths

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Diane Morrison
What do great teachers do differently? How do they inspire their students? Great teachers show love-love of students, learning and teaching! Great teachers do not set high expectations or low expectations they set the right expectations for students. Learn the difference between talent, knowledge, and skill. Discover your signature teaching themes using a strengths finder inventory. Learn how to use your teacher strengths in ways that are particular to the inventory and your teaching style.

Creativity Pool For Teachers

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Diane Morrison
Want to be a more creative? Need fresh perspectives, new insights, exciting ideas? Learn a variety of techniques that will unleash creativity in your classroom. Get to the bottom of creative blocks. Create a toolkit of creative strategies that will be effective with all students. Appropriate for all teachers!

Teach Smarter Not Harder

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Kiley Eberly
The right stuff is right here! Educators rely on research-based information for a reason…IT WORKS. Your time is valuable. Explore instructional strategies and learning approaches that are proven to be effective. Research-based design drives teacher success and increases student achievement. It's time to work smarter, not harder!

A Picture Book Collection Just For You

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Kiley Eberly
Picture books enhance instruction in every classroom across all content areas…yes, even with older learners! The effective teacher uses picture books to provide modeling, develop comprehension, stimulate thinking, and increase motivation. Explore resources that lead you to the right literature. Create a picture book library that supports the needs of your diverse learners. Your library will capture interest and boost achievement.
Just PICTURE it!

Write Here Write Now

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Kiley Eberly
We know our writers need tangible models to make success achievable…and the most important model is YOU! Teacher writing builds cohesion and boosts energy for all. Explore literature that encourages the writer within and finally craft those sample pieces that align with your specific K-12 writing objectives. What a relief…teacher writing models ready to share for different units of study! Not a writing teacher? Create cross-curricular writing pieces that support your content goals.

Cultivating Successful Students

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Kiley Eberly
Before students can access curriculum, they must feel safe and comfortable. Investing in social and emotional development yields increased academic commitment. The right strategies and management techniques will maximize classroom cohesion, expand empathetic understanding, foster intrinsic motivation, and create a foundation for meaningful learning.

Digital Photography Can You Picture It

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Joe Mascarenas
Incorporate technology through digital photography. Research shows that higher student
engagement leads to greater student achievement. You have your digital camera, now what? Learn its functions and how to incorporate it into the student experience.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Joe Mascarenas
Images are used everywhere we look from advertising, art, history, story telling, and research to convey meaning. Explore the world of photography and its application to curriculum instruction.

There's An App For That

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Joe Mascarenas
For today's students using apps is second nature. As educators, it is to our advantage to tap into our students second nature. There are over 65,000 education apps, you can find apps for story telling, health and fitness, music, languages, art, productivity, educations videos, iTunes U, Museums, exhibits, Youtube, and on and on. Teachers can use this technology as a tool to enhance curriculum, and build student interest and understanding. Most apps are free or low cost!

In The Cloud

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Joe Mascarenas
There are a variety of ways to use cloud based tools for instruction. Use it as a tool for developing and maintaining your curriculum. Access or create online videos for instruction, or use online storage for documents that may be accessed anywhere. Many teachers and districts are using Goggle Apps for Eduction, where you can create, share, edit, and collaborate online. The technology required can be affordable and require less support. There are a lot of creative ways to use online resources, so if you are just a beginner to the cloud, or you would like to explore it further, then head for "In The Cloud."

The Organized Classroom: Simple and Professional

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Carla Mascarenas
This course will give teachers the ability to take control of their lives and create an organized classroom. The class will offer methods of organization and provide tools for more efficient time management in order to help create a more harmonious, organized environment.

Young Adult Fiction You'll Never Outgrow

3 or 4 Semester Graduate Credits

Professor: Carla Mascarenas
Why are people of all ages reading Young Adult Fiction? Because it is good. Young Adult fiction authors take creative risks and capture the imagination of today's student. Discover the joy of reading novels with social commentary, strong voice, and diversity. Have fun exploring Young Adult fiction and bring this high interest, relevant reading into your classroom



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